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Who was your favorite Sonic game final boss? 

10 deviants said Perfect Chaos (Sonic Adventure)
10 deviants said Biolizard (Sonic Adventure 2)
6 deviants said Other (Comment)
3 deviants said Solaris (Sonic the Hedgehog)
3 deviants said Egg Nega-Wisp (Sonic Colors)
3 deviants said Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed)
2 deviants said Metal Overlord (Sonic Heroes)
2 deviants said Time-Eater (Sonic Generations)
1 deviant said Devil Doom (Shadow the Hedgehog)
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  • Listening to: Bruce Springsteen
  • Playing: Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric
*I'm dressed like a bum*

Oh my God, this was the GREATEST game I've played in my LIFE!

Sonic Boom: Rise of SPOILERS!

There's these four friends named Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Happy, Dopey, Doc, Grumpy... wait, what was I saying?

They be chasing Eggman and Metal Sonic until they end up at a temple!

*as Amy* I got a bad feeling about this.

*as Sonic* Stuff it, Han Solo.

So they go into this temple and they accidentally awaken a giant slithery snake!


So they escape this tomb where they meet an archeologist named Cliff! *gets in your face* And he was like...

*as Cliff* His name is Lyric, wanted to destroy all life on the planet a thousand years ago, luckily he's held in prison.

*as Sonic* Uh...

*as Cliff* You released him didn't you?

*as Sonic* Maybe? *PUNCH*

So in order to trap Lyric, they have to collect these crystals!

They run between open hub levels and take all these shiny sparkly crystals!

_I_ took shiny sparkly crystals once! It did not end well. But they gave me these silver bracelets. Which wouldn't be bad if there wasn't a chain between them.

Sonic and Tails are told to go back in time a thousand years to get a map. But then they run into SHADOW! *in your face* And he was like...

*as Shadow* Pathetic seeing you save the world.

*as Sonic* Dude, what's up with your voice?

*as Shadow* New voice actor, sue me!

*as Sonic* I'll just send you to another time period then.

*as Shadow* Better than get sued-- wait what? *punched*

Sonic and Tails go a thousand years into the past! And THERE they trap Lyric in prison!

*as Lyric* Who are you?

*as Sonic, ala Schwarzenegger* I'll be back.

Sonic and his friends use the map to find all the crystals!

In the meantime, Eggman teams up with Lyric to get the map back.

That wont backfire on Eggman, right?

Chaos? Biolizard? Solaris? Dark Gaia? That genie thing from Riders? Yeah, Eggman will never learn.

So when Sonic and his friend get another crystal, Lyric and Eggman try to grab it!

So, how do they keep the crystal from the bad guys?

*as Sonic* Keep away!

*as Knuckles* Keep away!

*as Sonic* Keep away!

*as Knuckles* Keep away!

*as Eggman* Stop teasing us!

As they escape with the crystal! But Eggman has another trick!


But Lyric takes Metal and sends him after Sonic and his friends!

*as Amy* It's Metal! Nice to see a comeback.

*as Tails* Maybe he'll last longer than Shadow did--


*as Tails* Never mind.

So they grab the last crystals and LYRIC POPS OUTTA NOWHERE! And he SHOOTS Sonic!


I guess hedgehog is for dinner tonight!

*as Knuckles* Whew, we saved you, Sonic.

Darn it! *on phone* Pizza!

So the four of them go to Lyric's lair and, in a badass motion, they walk to him!

*walks slowly like Baywatch*

So they defeat Lyric and all is--


*as Lyric* You can't defeat me! I have immunity! *gets shot* AHH!!!

*as Eggman* It's just been revoked!

Just then, Shadow appears again!

*as Shadow* Whoa, you defeated Lyric? Uh... good job!

*as Sonic* Was that a compliment?

*as Shadow* Don't push it.

So they all live happily ever after in the village they rescued!

*as Sonic* We're a team! All for one and one for all! And one times ten divided by two times five, what is that equal?

*as Tails* No, it's Sweet 'N' Low.

This is Ryan the bum saying... CHANGE!  Ya got CHANGE?  Ah come on, help a fellow out will ya?  Come on!  Change!

Well at leased give me some crystals! As long as we don't create the Skeksis and the Mystics in the process.

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